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 Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX

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PostSubject: Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX   Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:05 pm

[SIZE="5"]Shadow the Hedgehog[/SIZE] - GC, PS2, XBOX- 2005

Okay, I think we all can realise from my SONIC the Hedgehog review that I hate Shadow. I also found out that they have a game for Shadow. Yeah, total bullcrap huh? My mate had a copy on GameCube and so I decided to play this game. And after 1 hour I told myself ‘**** SONIC the hedgehog THIS is the worst Sonic EVER!’ This is SEGA’s answer to the whiney fantards who spend all day writing Shadow fan-fics, who all gave 10/10 for it, just ‘cause Shadow’s in it.

So what’s my worst sonic character, ‘cause we all have one, up to in ‘his game’. Well once again Shadow suffers from amnesia, dumb ****, and ‘he wants to know the secrets to his past’- this story already sounds like it’s going to suck. All he can remember is his name, someone called Maria and, unfortunately, the function to breathe. Out of no where, a faint image appears of some alien. His name is Black Doom, I think the K.K.K. wrote the story. So he tells Shadow that he knows the secrets to his past and will only tell him if he gives him all of the Chaos Emeralds. Oh yeah Black Doom has an army of aliens and goes attack the NEW city that SEGA just built that won’t be in the next game, SEGA will think of another name and create a whole new city and put it in the next game. Shadow now goes out and find the secrets to his past. There’s a long story featuring aliens, a general who has two different coloured eyes, more aliens, flashbacks, even more aliens, Sonic characters and EVEN MORE ALIENS.

Phew, the intro’s over. Right, the gameplay. Shadow once again has the same moves has Sonic, because Shadow’s a clone character, am I right? But SEGA just found out what a gun is so, that’s right… they put guns in this game. Well hey look on the bright side, guns can kill them instantly right? WRONG! The guns are ok but it can’t kill them instantly. They are bloody aliens after all. You’ve got guns from G.U.N. the local military, when there not sorting out terrorism they fumble around with the black ‘hog. And you’ve also got the weapons from the aliens, is it me or do all the alien weapons all look like sex toys? You’ve also got vehicles, wait what! Why the hell are there vehicles in this game? Shadow doesn’t need them. It’s true the vehicles are even slower that running. Was this the fanboys bidding? Most likely.

So, lets have a look at the first level. Shadow’s falling down from a building, wait some rings I better collect them. Wait why are the controls so slow here, I can barely move. Crap got no rings, better find some. Once again rings are in the game with the same sound that’s been used for years because it’s awesome, that seems to be the only awesome thing so far. Hey look there’s Sonic. He sets you a mission to kill all the aliens because, well everyone knows this, he is the good guy. You don’t have to kill them if you don’t want to. You also find Black Doom and he wants you to kill all humans. Now you’ve got three missions, do one and complete the level, you can either complete the neutral, the good or the evil mission. The other levels in the game have to be unlocked by completing a level, dependent on which mission you do. I guess that’s kind of good in a way, or does it just waste time? I decided to Black Doom’s mission because, well I certainly didn’t want to do Shadow’s mission because that would be bad. So I’m going through the level killing every human in sight and after awhile, Shadow started to go red and he said ‘DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!’ It says in the manual, because I don’t know what to do when my hedgehog turns into a tree on fire. Turns out I press Y and I can unleash ‘Chaos Blast’ and I did and it made a fiery explosion of pure death, and I thought ‘Kick-ass!’ unfortunately, it’s limited. Right so I got to the end of the level, but wait I still need to kill the rest of the humans. I didn’t know what to do so I touched the goal. Level completed, rank: E. I took a look at the manual again, turns out the checkpoints can teleport you to the other checkpoints, and it didn’t tell me in the game because… Never mind… I searched online to find out about this level and it turns out that you could go around the goal and the last ones were there… * slaps myself and throws the box outside the window *.

Screw this I’m going on multiplayer. The multiplayer is a game where you must kill your opponent. You can either be Shadow and WTF? Shadow Robots? THE MULTIPLAYER IS GOING TO SUCK ASS! It plays just like single player, apart from the shadow robots can either only use guns or rockets. The Shadowbots play just like Shadow only they have unlimited ammo. Which is annoying for ‘the guy who goes on this all day’ because if a friend comes over to play multiplayer with you they can just easily gank you with the unlimited ammo. There are 3 stages which are 3 of the last levels, whoa, spoilers all around.


This game sucks. I’m not just saying that because Shadow is in it, but the game itself sucks. It’s hard for newcomers and far too easy for hardcore gamers. The story is bleak, The game itself it’s slow, and half of the features are pointless. Tell your Friends and Family to NOT BUY OR RENT THIS GAME. Putting Shadow in it is one of the only good ideas because no one else can ruin a game so good

 The Sound is good
 Choosing what side you are on is a great idea…

… But takes awhile to know what you are doing
 The was really no need for vehicles
 Far too easy for hardcore gamers
 Shadow is in it…


BTW, it was very hard to find screenshots for this, so i didn't put any in

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX   Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:02 pm

It is known as the Sindhu Sagar to Indians since the Vedic period of their history, and an important marine trade route in the era of the coastal sailing vessels from possibly as early as the 3rd millennium BCE, certainly the late 2nd millennium BCE through the later days known as the Age of Sail. By the time of Julius Caesar, several well-established combined land-sea trade routes depended upon water transport through the Sea around the rough inland terrain features to its north.

Karachi beach on the Arabian Sea, the historical sea route between Arabia and South Asia
These routes usually began in the Far East or down river from Madhya Pradesh with transshipment via historic Bharuch (Bharakuccha), traversed past the inhospitable coast of today's Iran then split around Hadhramaut into two streams north into the Gulf of Aden and thence into the Levant, or south into Alexandria via Red Sea ports such as Axum. Each major route involved transhipping to pack animal caravan, travel through desert country and risk of bandits and extortionate tolls by local potentiates.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX   Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:09 am

Although an independent government was created in Haiti, its society continued to be deeply affected by the patterns established under French colonial rule. The French established a system of minority rule over the illiterate poor by using violence and threats. Because many planters had provided for their mixed-race children by African women by giving them education and (for men) training and entrée into the French military, the mulatto descendants became the elite in Haiti after the revolution. By the time of war, many had used their social capital to acquire wealth and some already owned land. Some had identified more with the French colonists than the slaves, and associated within their own circles. Their domination of politics and economics after the revolution created another two-caste society, as most Haitians were rural subsistence farmers.[1] In addition, the still-new nation's future was literally mortgaged to French banks in the 1820s as it was forced to make massive reparations to French slaveholders in order to receive French recognition and end the nation's political and economic isolation. These payments permanently affected Haiti's economy and wealth.[2]

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX   

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Shadow the Hedgehog - GC, PS2, XBOX
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