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 Anglorum / Quest / Assaulting the Keep (Konin Graves)

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PostSubject: Anglorum / Quest / Assaulting the Keep (Konin Graves)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:58 pm

Required Level: 15
Required: Burning Ships
Followed by: The Battlefield Camps

You will encounter:

You will find Konin Graves on top of the Fortress.

Quote :
now this is the trickiest Quest so far, mainly due to the fact that the building can be very bugged.
It can easily happen that either you or Konin will fall through the floor and get stuck underneath.
This however will not stop her from attacking you.

The most successful tactic to avoid disaster is to have a high level player help you do this quest.
Simply invite him into the group and wait outside the Fortress while he or she kills Konin for you.

Failing that make sure to have a group with a Tank and a Healer or at least some one with decent healing abilities.
  1. Buff the tank and send him in .. don't go up the stairs but just send him up and get him to aggro Konin.
    By now you should be able to gauge the stability of the game and decide whether it is safe to walk up or not... if you are lagging at all do not go up the stairs
  2. should you experience lag the chance of glitching through the floor are very high.
    intead take the fight outside. Aggro Konin and move the whole party just outside the main entrance. If Konin should be in the floor this will make her come outside too so you can attack her.

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Anglorum / Quest / Assaulting the Keep (Konin Graves)
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